Lizzie has always enjoyed popping a jump but has only recently had the opportunity to compete in showjumping. Owing to her physical limitations and the expense of regular training without a horse of her own, she is starting small and focussing on quality at low levels (and low heights!). Nevertheless, she has been successful in events so far and is eager to improve her skills and build confidence at every opportunity. Most recently, plans to compete have had to be put on hold owing to illness, but she has had a successful time gaining experience (and rosettes!) in fun Clear Round competitions. As with dressage, Lizzie regularly competes against able-bodied opposition and currently only competes against other disabled riders at the RDA regionals and (if applicable) nationals.

Determinedly jumping a Christmas clear round with Rolo!

Competitive record

  • July 2017 – RDA National Championships (Level 3, Senior Section) – 1st and National Champion, Rolo (clear round, 87% style)
  • May 2017 – RDA East Region Show (Level 3) – 1st, Rolo (clear round, 99% style)
  • March 2017 – CURC Springhill Showjumping Cuppers 60cm – 2nd, Oscar (clear round)
  • March 2017 – CURC Springhill Showjumping Cuppers 40cm – 3rd, Oscar (clear round)
  • March 2017 – CWA/BSJA Showjumping 65cm – unplaced, Rolo (8 faults)
  • March 2017 – CWA/BSJA Showjumping 60cm – 6th, Rolo (8 faults)
  • February 2017 – CWA/BSJA Showjumping 65cm – 7th, Boysie (8 faults)
  • February 2017 – CWA/BSJA Showjumping 60cm – 3rd, Boysie (clear round, qualified for ESUK Championships)
  • December 2016 – Two clear rounds in fun Clear Round jumping, Rolo
  • July 2016 – RDA National Championships (Level 2, Senior Section) – 2nd, Boysie (clear round, 73% style)
  • May 2016 – RDA East Region Show (Level 2) – 1st, Beethoven (clear round, 81% style)
  • December 2015 – CURC Showjumping (70cm) – 1st, Oscar (clear round, 76.7% style)
  • November 2015 – CWA Unaffiliated Showjumping (60cm) – 4th, Rolo (8 faults)