For a three-minute introduction to some of the hard work and mindsets that lie behind Lizzie’s achievements, please click here to view a promotional video, ‘This is me, and this is my superpower.’

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Lizzie is looking for sponsorship! Equestrian sport is famously costly and, although every effort is made to keep expenses down, there are still costs which must be met in order to compete at an ever higher level, including: specialist durable clothing and equipment for training and competition; medical equipment; and club and gym membership fees. Currently the lattermost of these are met by the FANS Scheme and the GLL Sport Foundation.

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Lizzie has plenty to offer potential sponsors…

  • Lizzie is a confident, experienced and engaging public speaker with a lot to talk about! She has spoken for audiences ranging from primary school children to royalty, but seeks in every talk to motivate, entertain and inspire.
  • Through her work in education, Lizzie has extensive professional experience in working with school children in understanding and improving resilience and growth mindset. As well as giving talks, she can run workshops for students of all ages.
  • Lizzie is very experienced in providing high-quality, articulate written material. As a Cambridge graduate she has produced substantial works on academic topics: for a taste of this, click here to read a blog post she wrote for the British Library. She also writes frequently for a broader audience, including her own blog for Your Horse Magazine. Lizzie is therefore very happy writing in a variety of genres, including reviews for products and serviceshere’s an example!
  • Lizzie is happy to share thoughts and ideas on disability inclusion in sport, schools, the work place and more on an informal basis.

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  • Through social media including Twitter, YouTube and Instagram, Lizzie can publicise your products, your support and your generosity.
  • Lizzie regularly travels around the country to compete as well as having contact with international sporting news associations. When wearing clothing customised with your branding, she can bring your business into new places.


Remember that vaulting is very unusual, and para vaulting is almost unheard of! Supporting the UK’s top para vaulter will definitely help you to stand out from the crowd.

When you support me, you support my core values as a para vaulter:
and striving to be different!

How could you help Lizzie?

  • Trade some of Lizzie’s expertise for your products, services or financial backing. If you can offer, for example, tuition/coaching, clothing, fitness sessions, publicity or general funding, please get in touch!
  • Pay Lizzie to visit your business, organisation, school or sports club to talk about her experiences in the fields of disability, competitive sport and equestrianism.
  • Provide Lizzie with products in return for reviews – she is especially good at testing how durable clothing is!
  • Contribute to the cost of competing, which includes travel, accommodation, entry fees and more.
  • Help to meet the weekly costs of training – simple cash sums go a long way, especially to help with paying for vaulting sessions and riding lessons.
  • Spread the word! Publicise your support and encourage others to join you.