February 2018

This was not a great month! Just as I was beginning to feel that my whiplash was getting a little better, I managed to get concussion by doing something silly at gymnastics. Therefore I feel as if I haven’t really achieved much, but, looking back over the month, I might be wrong about that…

To keep this month’s post short and sweet (the most my brain can cope with at the moment!), I’m just going to go for a quick list. Sorry!

  • The day before getting concussion I had a lovely riding lesson at Springhill Stables with the Cambridge University Riding Club. I really like riding at Springhill because the instructors are fabulous, but it doesn’t often fit in with work and my other training times. I was in a fairly novice lesson but I had my work cut out when Bailey decided it would be fun to go for a ‘spook-and-bolt’ not long after I gave up on stirrups for the day… As everyone else trotted calmly I just tried to stay on board, feebly yelling, ‘Fiona…Fiona!’ to try and alert our instructor to my predicament. It did remind me of this scene from Shrek 2:


  • Then I got concussion hitting my head on a springboard…
  • My mum and I drove to Shropshire for a weekend to visit one of the UK’s top RDA Vaulting groups. As a result, I am now signed off to run barrel vaulting sessions for my RDA Group and I can’t wait to get going!
  • Other than that, I’ve mostly been resting (boring) and working (tiring) and thinking about horses (always exciting) and still doing some RDA riding coaching (just the best).
  • I managed to be sensible for a whole week after getting concussion and before going back to training. I am still taking it relatively easy but I feel much, much better being there and doing stuff than being stuck at home and being miserable. Besides, I’m not very good at being sensible.

March has already seen some exciting things and there are more to come, but I will save writing about those for another few weeks!