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Lizzie Bennett
Para-Equestrian and RDA vaulting, dressage, showjumping and showing

Lizzie Bennett, you were brilliant and so together with your horse.
Amazing transitions and none of us know how you did it
because we couldn’t see your aids.
That is the mark of a brilliant rider. Well done!”

SEIB Search for a Star, 10th September 2017

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April 2018

This is what I got up to in April! A BEV (British Equestrian Vaulting) competition, the first of the year RDA Showjumping Gymnastics GLL Sport Foundation Vaulting competition At the end of April Cambridge hosted our first BEV event of the year. Having only vaulted on a horse a few times since October, I opted … Continue reading April 2018

March 2018

Another tough month, which is why I’m writing this in May (nearly June…). I’ve a lot to catch up on on here so this will be brief! RDA Filmed Vaulting Competition RDA events Side saddle riding Gymnastics RDA Musical Ride RDA Filmed Vaulting Competition Having not had any training I ultimately decided to enter this … Continue reading March 2018

February 2018

This was not a great month! Just as I was beginning to feel that my whiplash was getting a little better, I managed to get concussion by doing something silly at gymnastics. Therefore I feel as if I haven’t really achieved much, but, looking back over the month, I might be wrong about that… To … Continue reading February 2018

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